Executive Team

Anuj Jain

President, Chief Executive Officer
Allan Read, COO, Avnan

Allan Read

Chief Operations Officer
Lindsay Ortega, Avnan

Lindsay Ortega

Human Resources
Rakesh Gupta, Avnan

Rakesh Gupta


Aimee Kessler Evans


Greg Lillie

Business Development

Gurpreet Sandhu

Account Manager

Paul Chamourian

Account Manager

Mukesh Ramchandani

Account Manager

Doug Irvine


Ian Xu


Leonard Lou

Global Sourcing

Tony Jiang

Supply Chain
Anuj Jain
Anuj has over 20 years’ experience leading an entrepreneurial, high growth business.  He is skilled at navigating through changing market conditions, and motivating people to achieve their best.  Outside of family and business, Anuj is passionate about empowering people, and dedicates his time to initiatives that support entrepreneurship, education and the environment.
Allan Read


As Avnan’s Chief Operations Officer, Allan is responsible for driving innovation and operational excellence expanding Avnan’s overall value offering to our Customers. As part of his role, Allan leads Sales and Marketing, Engineering and Operations. Allan has over 30 years of experience in the high tech industry serving in a variety of engineering and operational leadership roles, including a two year assignment in Taiwan where he was responsible for strategic partnerships and was the Chairman of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Prior to joining Avnan, Allan was the Chief Product Officer responsible for technology development, engineering and manufacturing of wearable devices for Mio Global, at the time a leading Vancouver, Canada based wearable manufacturer. Prior to that, Allan was a product launch Director at Celestica in their Diversified Markets division responsible for leading the development and mass producing most notably consumer devices such as eReaders and tablets. Before Celestica, Allan was an engineering site director at Murata Power Solutions and before that held a variety of engineering management positions. Allan is the proud father of three children, enjoys a variety of challenging fitness activities, team sports and when not spending time with family, continues to study Mandarin.