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About Us

Over the past 30 years, Avnan has evolved from a modest family-owned engineering enterprise into a renowned global entity specializing in product design and contract manufacturing, collaborating closely with OEMs to bring their product visions to life.

Building on our success, we are now poised to expand further by acquiring new ventures within the electronics industry. 

About Us
Our Focus
Our Focus

We are particularly interested in businesses that align with our business portfolio, including but not limited to:

  • Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)
  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)
  • Electronic Controls & Component
  • Electronic Design & Engineering.

By integrating businesses that complement our strategic vision, we enhance our capacity to serve our customers, affording you the chance to transition away or step aside from the helm. Your legacy will endure as we embark on this journey of new management and ownership, while still maintaining our commitment to uphold and build upon the foundation you’ve laid.

Alignment and Values

While we are growing quickly, we are sensitive to maintaining and preserving our core family-like values and we are dedicated to collaborating with businesses primed for long-term growth, whose principles and values resonate with our own.



A people first culture that supports career development.



A commitment to service excellence and adherence to high standards.



A customer-centric approach focused on nurturing relationships.



A community-oriented company giving back to those in need

Partnership Structures

We are open to negotiating various acquisition terms over different timelines


Full sale with immediate acquisition and ownership

Near Term

Full or partial sale with near-term transition to retirement

Long Term

Full or partial sale with longer term transition into retirement


Full or partial sale with continued support to the business “as-is”

Benefits of our Partnership

Our objective is to build upon the groundwork you’ve established, emphasizing our commitment to maintaining continuity within your business. Through our collaborative partnership, you can expect:



Preservation of your people and culture



Supportive environment for your employees and customers



Long-term commitment to growth and profitability

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Brian Church, Chief Corporate Development Officer
Phone: 905.820.9595 ext 231


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