Custom Product Development

Custom designs for electrical controls and assemblies

Avnan specializes in providing custom design and engineering solutions that meet our customers’ unique technical, budgetary and supply requirements.

Examples of some previously completed designs in your field are available!
Avnan’s qualified engineers and technical designers see your product through concept to delivery following a 9-step design process that consists of:
  1. Initial customer meeting to create specification document
  2. Detailed proposal consisting of solutions with options
  3. Finalize design concept
  4. Complete design
  5. Develop Prototype
  6. Design Validation testing
  7. Tooling and sampling
  8. Safety agency approvals
  9. Final production and delivery

Carefully monitored design cycle

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) is incorporated throughout the entire process from initial concept to final delivery. Factors we consider:

  • Tolerance stack ups
  • Component availability
  • Fit with customer’s assembly
  • Ease of use / installation for the end user
  • Shipping durability and packaging size
  • Minimizing waste
supplier of electrical components
Quality-focused manufacturing process

Avnan electrical components are designed in Canada and manufactured at our factories in Asia.

We conduct quality inspections during production, before shipping and upon arrival at our North American warehouse. Our ISO9001 registered 5-Gate Product Development Process (PDP) ensures designs are produced and delivered within the quality standards specified for that product type (eg. IPC-610 for Printed Circuit Board assemblies).

Each gate ensures that:


Customer’s design requirements are being met and changes in the project’s scope are applied

Design architecture has a solid foundation

Costs are kept in line

Project remains on schedule

Customer is continually kept up-to date with our progress