Custom Wall Controls For ERV

Ensure function and quality requirements are achieved with our gated development process.

high-quality printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA)

As energy efficient ERV/HRV systems gain popularity, there is a growing need for custom wall controls. Avnan can help you meet those needs for these and other wall-mounted controls. We’ve worked with industry leaders and have designed and manufactured attractive, modern wall controls for ERV/HRV and many other applications.
  • Wall-mounted controls (with or without displays) for:
    • ERV/HRV
    • Exhaust/supply fans
  • Custom-sized or compatible with Decora plates
  • Various display options
    • LCD
    • TFT
    • TN
    • FTN
    • VA
    • OLED
  • Resistive and capacitive touch screens
  • Push button controls
  • RS485 MODBUS communication interface
Custom Wall Controls For ERV

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