Electromechanical or Kitted Assemblies

Ensure function and quality requirements are achieved with our gated development process.

high-quality printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA)

Simplify your product development and leave the kitted assembly to Avnan. Aside from decades of experience with box builds, electromechanical assemblies and control panels, we have an experienced project management team in-house. We’re ready to handle every step, from design and sourcing materials to assembly and testing, and all the way through to consumer-ready packaging and delivery. Whether it’s build-to-print or design and build, we can take the work off your hands and deliver with excellence.

Assembly and/ or integration of multiple product types such as

  • PCBA with plastic housing or enclosure
  • Wiring harnesses with switches, capacitors, etc.
  • Transformers/ relays mounted to sheet metal carrier with interconnecting wire harness.

Final-level product assembly and testing

Consumer-level packaging

kitted assemblies

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