Heating Elements And Accessories

All heating elements are made as per custom design.

high-quality printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA)

Avnan has unique expertise in heating elements and accessories. Our seasoned design and engineering team will collaborate with you and your team to create a custom element for your application. From there, we can source all the materials you need and have your product assembled at one of our partner manufacturing facilities. Working with Avnan, you can be confident your production schedule will be met – no matter how demanding – and your final product will be meet your exacting standards for quality and reliability.
  • Tubular heating elements (Boiler/humidifier/water heating applications)
  • Open-coil heating elements (air/duct heating)
  • Custom built heating elements and assemblies
  • 240V/277V/347V (1 or 3 phase), 3kW-6kW or higher
  • Steatite ceramics for mounting elements.
heating elements

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