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Trusted Partner in Helping You Achieve Your Product Vision

Avnan’s Canada-based engineering team has broad expertise in electronic product design with capability and experience that includes the following technologies
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HVAC Control Circuit Design

Our specialty

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ARM MCU Firmware Development

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Wireless Technology

RF, WiFi, Bluetooth, Infrared

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Mobile Application Development

iOS, Android

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Custom Mechanical Design

Injection moulding, sheet metal, machined parts

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Circuit Verification and Validation


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Extensive Knowledge of Industry Certification Standards

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Production Functional Tester Development


  • Resistive and Capacitive Touch


  • IAQ (Indoor Air Quality), RH (Relative Humidity), T (Temperature), air pressure, air flow, occupancy, proximity, photocell or light


  • Step motor solutions for damper control or other applications
  • AC brushed or brushless motor, EC motor
  • Soft start, high power AC motors
  • Low rated power (<5W) SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply)


Ensure function and performance reliability are achieved with our gated development process.

For more than 25 years, Avnan has partnered with OEMs to build market leading products . Through our gated development process, you can be assured that together, our rigorous, methodical approach will yield the best experience and result for you.

Our expert engineers and designers at our Canadian head office and our extended global reach allows you to benefit from the best talent, skills, manufacturing and logistics services and to access the most cost effective components for your products.

From heat pumps to fresh air systems and fan coils, Avnan can help you design the electronic controls and assemblies you need to build the most innovative technology in the market.

  • PSC & ECM main controls
  • Touch screen thermostats that can support Google home and Alexa systems
  • 20/40/60 timers
  • Freeze and frost protection with thermistors
  • Touch screen thermostats with TFT LCD
  • Thermostats with W-Fi and BACNET capability
  • RF temperature sensors
  • Compatible to Google Home or Alexa
  • Custom app control
  • Control boards for air purification using UV lights
  • Low voltage controls for duct mounted humidifiers
  • VOC or IAQ sensor controls
  • UV lamp ballast control
  • Controls with the ability for a humidity and temperature set-point
  • DC motor controls
  • PSC or EC motor speed control
  • Delay Off
  • Motor Speed control
  • Dust Bag full reminder
  • Vacuum Service Alert
  • Soft Start to avoid Circuit
    Breaker tripped
  • Self-test every power cycle
  • Solenoid pulse flow control to save water
  • Adjustable timing in control
  • Humidistat and 24Vac plug-in transformer
  • Hot air sensing by thermistor
  • Wall-mounted controls (with or without displays)
  • LCD Wall control with IAQ sensor
  • Build in WiFi / BLE
    Smart or Intelligent mode for easy use
  • Adjustable for a humidity and temperature and IAQ set-point
  • Damper with Stepper DC motor
  • PSC or EC motor speed control
  • Freeze and frost protection with thermistors
  • Exhaust/supply fans
  • Custom-sized or compatible with Decora plates
  • Various display options: LCS, TFT, TN, FTN, VA, OLED
  • Resistive and capacitive touch screens
  • Push button controls
  • RS485 MODBUS communication interface
  • UL/CSA recognized electrical heating elements
  • Proved Long life cycle and high temperature endurance
  • Multiple operating voltage 120V/240V/277V/347Vac
    Power up to 6KW
  • Custom built heating elements and assemblies
  • Tubular heating elements (Boiler/humidifier/water heating applications)
  • Open-coil heating elements (air/duct heating)
  • Custom built heating elements and assemblies
    240V/277V/347V (1 or 3 phase), 3kW-6kW or higher
  • Steatite ceramics for mounting elements


Your Partner in Building State-of-the-Art Components for Technology of the Future

Transportation efficiency helps to optimize transport time and reduce operational costs. Telematics is one effective way to monitor vehicles of all types using GPS technology and on-board diagnostics (OBD). Through this technology, your clients can follow the movement of their vehicles on a computerized map or open platform. This fleet management and tracking system records not only the route of the driver but also the nuances of their driving behavior including their speed, location, driving patterns and more. These data points allow companies to make more strategic decisions about their fleet and transport operations.

Avnan can partner with you to build a state-of-the-art telematics solution so you can offer the most competitive product in the market.

Avnan’s telematics solution integrates with:

  • OBD-11 (On-board Diagnostics)
    GPS (Global Positioning Systems)
  • GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications)
  • Wifi / Bluetooth
  • Voice recognition
  • Speakers
  • CAN bus (Controller Area Network)
  • RS232 Communication port
  • USB port

To protect electronics components and improve reliability, Avnan uses Low Pressure Overmoulding or Electronics Overmoulding to Printed Circuit Board Assembly and Connectors. Our process is eco-friendly, cycle time is short and protects the fine or fragile circuitry from damage.


Partnering with OEMs to Build Appliances that Make Life Easier

The residential appliance market is a competitive one. With a growing selection of brands in the market, our OEM partners understand the importance of finding the right partner to retain or grow their market share in this competitive industry.

Using our gated process in product development, Avnan will help you design, plan and source components so you can achieve your product vision. Leveraging our 360 supply chain management service, we can also oversee the manufacturing and logistics so you can get your products to market.

Range Hoods

  • Capacitive touch buttons with LED indicators
  • Integrated LED driver for energy efficient lighting
  • PSC (permanent split capacitor), PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor), ECM (electronically commutated motors), Fan speed control
  • LCD interface control with Touch Screen
  • Integrated various sensors – Humidity/Temperature, IR (infrared), VOC (volatile organic compounds)
  • Built-in WiFi / BLE module
  • RF (radio frequency) Remote Control
  • Gesture Control


Helping to Build Green Technology Solutions for Future Generations

From sustainable HVAC systems to electric vehicles, we partner with OEMs to help them build their smart technology. Smart homes and smart cars rely on the electronic controls and assemblies to operate its system efficiently and Avnan is the partner you can trust to help you build your best-in-class sustainable solutions.

Aside from decades of experience with box builds, electromechanical assemblies and control panels, Avnan’s experienced project management team in-house can help minimize your risks during your product development process. Some of the key electronic systems we offer for our partner’s sustainable solutions.

Customized Printed Circuit Board Control Assemblies

  • Designed to functional specs or built-to-print
  • High-quality SMT and PTH capabilities
  • Micro controller embedded design
  • LCD or touchscreen displays
  • WIFI/BLE IoT built in
  • Conformal coating
  • Automatic Functional tester development and MCU programming

Electro Mechanical Kitted Assemblies

Assembly and/ or integration of multiple product types such as:

  • PCBA with plastic housing or enclosure
  • Wiring harnesses with switches, capacitors, etc.
  • Transformers/ relays mounted to sheet metal carrier with interconnecting wire harness


Expertise in Customization of Product Components


Avnan provides transformers for different applications based on customer requirements.

A variety of transformers that we build:

  • Autotransformers for HVAC applications (terminated or unterminated ends)
  • Board-mounted transformers
  • Toroid transformers for electromagnetic noise suppression
  • Plug-in transformers
  • Power adapters
  • Devices with UL approval or meeting standards for customer-level approval
  • Custom transformers

Wire Harnesses, Cable Assemblies and Power Cords

All wire harness and cable assemblies are made per custom design. The harnesses are either built-to-print or can be designed by Avnan.

Across industries, customers have entrusted Avnan with their custom wire harnesses, cable assembly, and power cord needs for decades. We can design your item, or work from build-to-print. Regardless of your application, we’ll deliver reliable, sturdy, and high-quality assemblies that exceed your expectations.

Some examples of our work:

  • Complex wire harnesses
  • Low pressure over molded harnesses
  • Wire harnesses with low-cost mini-fit connectors
  • AC power cords (North American and European) with UL-approved plugs. Cords can be terminated (connectors, ring terminals, quick-connect terminals, etc.) or unterminated
  • DC power cords/harnesses (for motors, etc.)
  • LCD panel cables
  • Thermistor assemblies
  • Automobile wire harnesses aftermarket industrial