HRV / ERV Fresh Air System

  • Power Cord
  • Door Switch
  • Transformer
  • Wire Harnesses
  • Wall Control Unit
  • Timer
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Main Control Board
  • Wire Harnesses
  • Capacitor 1
  • Capacitor 2

Fresh Air System Electronics

There’s more to the electronics inside a fresh air system than just the control board. Avnan has all the bases covered inside and outside of the unit’s enclosure. From the power cord to switches, transformers, sensors, and the wire harnesses that interconnect them all, you can rely on Avnan to supply high quality parts that ensure a long life for your product in the field. This breadth of scope makes us a valuable one-stop shop for all your electronics, simplifying your Purchasing workload.

Our product support doesn’t end there. By offering the wall control peripherals, we cover all elements of the end-user interface to your product. New product development costs and time are reduced by having one design partner for the electronics inside and outside of the main unit, since they can both be designed and qualified hand-in-hand.

Custom Main Control Unit

Avnan’s specialty is the design and manufacture of control electronics at the heart of fresh air systems (ERV/HRV’s). Our main control PCBA’s are designed for high reliability and performance, using the latest microprocessor-based technology to bring a wide array of features to the OEM, including supply, exhaust, and damper motor control, with maximum power efficiency. Several sensing features are available, with multiple interface techniques possible to communicate to external wall controls and/or timers. Avnan also has the know-how to develop the firmware that drives the operation of your product, freeing up your Engineering team to focus on your core product design. Our design skills extend to other HVAC systems such as fan coil units, heat pumps, kitchen and bath ventilation products, humidifiers/dehumidifiers, boilers, and air purification units.

Custom Wall Control Unit

If you have your own design and need only a manufacturing partner to produce your product or its components cost effectively, we can provide you with contract manufacturing services. Avnan leverages its vast experience in global manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management to offer cost-effective solutions while minimizing risk of build-to-print projects.

Flexible Features and Functions

Not all control boards are created equally. Avnan can package the required circuitry into whatever customized dimensions are needed to optimally fit into your system. We also have developed several design kernels to support the various functions that might be required, such as EC motor control, RF communications, Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity, and IAQ sensing.

Drawing upon our successful incorporation of these circuit blocks into previous products allows us to cut down on design/qualification time for your new project. Our experience helps get through Regulatory Agency approvals faster and reduces your time to market. Using common componentry across our various product offerings also gives you the benefits of economy of scale, since our buying power helps to secure the best possible pricing for the IC’s, connectors, and other commodities on the board.

Bring us your wish-list of features required, and we’ll implement them with reliable, proven circuit solutions.

  • Auto Transformer
  • Transformer and Power supply
  • PSC Motor
  • PSC Motor 2
  • MicroController
  • Lighting Driver
  • Communication
  • IoT Module
  • Antenna
  • Remote Control
  • MicroController
  • LED Indicators
  • Temperature Sensor 1
  • Gesture Sensor
  • IAQ Sensor
If you are an OEM looking for innovative design solutions and cost effective manufacturing, we can help you.