Four Questions with Rakesh Gupta, Controller

How would you describe your role at Avnan?

As the controller, I oversee the finances of the company, making sure that our accounting records are in compliance, reports are generated on time for management, and that we are in good standing with government compliance. I have Rakesh Gupta, Avnanbeen at Avnan for 25 years. I started out as an accountant and continued with the finance role while wearing many other hats at times, like operations manager, customer service, purchasing, warehousing and delivering shipments to customers in the earlier days. As we grew and added role specific team members, I moved to become a full-time controller about 10 years ago.

What is your favorite part of working at Avnan?

To be honest, everything. I really have enjoyed all 25 years at Avnan. I started just a few months after the company’s inception, and I have seen Avnan grow to where it is now. Having seen the rapid changes, including being recognized for being one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies a few years in a row, I have seen people grow with the company. Time goes fast though – it does not feel like it has been 25 years.

What is your favorite way to unwind outside of work?

I make my own wine so you could say I am a bit of a red wine connoisseur.  I watch a movie or a TV show with a glass of wine to relax and enjoy going for a walk with my wife. I used to play badminton three times a week but now we have a puppy, which keeps us busy!

What advice would you give someone just starting at Avnan?

Consider Avnan as your own company, then you will be able to make good and right decisions. You have to really “own your work” and always think of win-win situation for all stakeholders. Think of the big picture and make the decisions with that mindset.



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