Global Manufacturing

Products Designed in Canada and Manufactured Around the World

Quality-Focused Manufacturing Process

When you work with Avnan, your products are designed in Canada and manufactured at our factories around the world. Quality of your product and every component is our top priority – along with the quality of your experience as an Avnan customer.

We’ll work with you to understand the unique needs of your business and your specific project. From there, your product’s manufacturing site will be carefully selected based on comparable technology, labour cost, quality standards, logistical SCM, and specific inventory requirements, among other factors. To ensure everything goes smoothly, Avnan conducts quality inspections during production before shipping.

While most production occurs in China (with Avnan staff onsite), we also have partner facilities in Vietnam, India and Canada. These facilities have been carefully chosen through our well-established manufacturing partner selection process and meet the highest standards for quality and safety. Formal manufacturing partner performance assessments are conducted on a regular basis, and we track weekly on-time delivery as a KPI to make sure our partners continue meet our rigorous standards.

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Why Partner with Avnan for Manufacturing?

  • Manufacturing is completed primarily in China, with Avnan staff onsite
  • We also have partner facilities in Vietnam, India and Canada
  • Well-established manufacturing partner selection process
  • Formal bi-annual manufacturing partner performance assessment
  • Weekly On-Time Delivery KPI performance tracking
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