Heat Pump Electronic Controls

  • Thermostat
  • HRV ERV 8 Transformer
    Customised transformers are available. Whether you need a transformer for 120V, 230V, or 240V and step it down to 12V, 24V or more Avnan has got manufacturing solutions for you. We use our transformers in our development projects. Terminating connectors for the transformers are fully customisable as well.
  • Compressor
  • HeatPump Isometric
    he heat Pump Main board is the heart of the heat pump system. With a powerful and efficient microcontroller as the brain, the ability to precisely control the heat provided is all achieved here. With power supplies fully customised to provide efficient power to the system, and arrays of sensors, relays, and connectors.

Heat Pump System Electronics

Heat pump systems are garnering much attention and interest these days. Offering an alternative to fossil fuel-burning heating for homes, these devices are purely electrically-driven, with the intention of reducing carbon emissions.

Whether using outside air or the ground (geothermal) for heat transfer, modern high-tech electronics are the brains running the system. Avnan is well-versed at designing and manufacturing the main control PCBA at the heart of the unit. Transformers, power cords, interconnecting wire harnesses, and wall-mounted thermostats round out the suite of highly reliable componentry that Avnan offers.

The advantage of working with Avnan is that you only need to go to one supplier to get all the parts you need to make this system work efficiently saving you time.

Heat Pump Function and Features

In addition to the basic control functions of activating the compressor, fans, and valves, many other features can be integrated into the control electronics for heat pumps. Various sensors can be monitored, including those detecting leaks of the refrigerant. BACnet interfaces can be built in, to communicate with external control centres. The main unit can also be configured to communicate by wire or wireless to the thermostat/control in the home. Avnan’s use of specialized microprocessors with RTC (real-time clock) technology in the thermostat unit allows the user to set different desired temperature for various times of the day, reducing energy consumption when the home is empty.

Avnan can work with you to build the custom features you need to build an outstanding product.

    Heat Pump Main Board

    Heat pump main control PCBA’s are amongst the most densely-populated assemblies that Avnan manufactures, and we do it with the highest quality with in-depth functional testing. Fine-pitch microprocessors at the core of the design decide when to switch in the compressor and when to reverse the flow of refrigerant to seamlessly transition between heating and cooling modes.

    Our circuits also monitor input from sensors in the thermostat unit to ensure that they system reacts accordingly if something is abnormal.

    Avnan’s firmware developers can easily translate the customer’s logic flowchart describing how the system should behave into efficient, stable code. Let us help you with your product vision so you can focus on what you do best.

    Heat Pump Wall Control Unit

    Gone are the days when a dial thermostat set the temperature in the home. Evolving technology now has the user demanding simple touch-screen interfaces which allow for programmable temperature settings at different times of day and year, to minimize unnecessary operation of the system. Avnan has many options for these control units, including WiFi, Bluetooth, and IoT communication capability to the main unit and to the cloud. If the user forgets to raise the home temperature setting when leaving on summer vacation to cut down on cooling costs, it’s not a problem.

    Our technology supports the homeowner to get on an app on a smartphone and reset the temperature while away. Embedding humidity, IAQ, smoke and CO sensors into the wall control also allows for easy reporting that the indoor conditions aren’t ideal, triggering the appropriate reaction (such as switching on an exhaust fan or activated a Fresh Air System).

    Let our team work with you to develop a product that has all the features you need and works intuitively for the end customer.


      Water Source Heat Pump Controller

      This controller demonstrates Avnan’s engineering capabilities in designing and implementing a diagnostic system that is embedded in a heat pump control firmware. Through this system, technicians can quickly identify potential failures in the system, but also obtain accurate data that could help the manufacturer improve the design of future projects. The controller is not a stand-alone application, but rather, it is meant to be integrated into your final product.
      If you are an OEM looking for innovative design solutions and cost effective manufacturing, we can help you.