Electronic Product Design

Innovation gives you a Competitive Advantage and Helps You Achieve Market Leadership

If your company has a product idea but you need some additional insight and engineering expertise to help you build your solution, Avnan can help guide you in developing your product. Avnan can act as an extension of your team or as a value added consultant to your project regardless of whether you have an in-house engineering team or not. We help you identify the gaps and opportunities and provide the best solution to achieve your business goals.

Design is the first step in our product development partnership. We know that designing and building products is a complex and challenging process especially when you don’t have the in-house expertise to help guide you in your process.

Avnan takes a proactive approach by offering design solutions that integrate with our customer’s products or systems. With our experience and core expertise as an electronics engineering manufacturer you can trust us to help you build and deliver your product to market. Our team can act as an extension of yours and help fill gaps in knowledge or experience that you need to build a best-in-class product.

Our product design services involve several steps including:

  • Developing a feasibility study
  • Designing a proof of concept
  • Defining a system design
  • Planning the project scope
  • Defining and managing requirements
  • Sourcing components
    Performance testing to ensure the prototype is performing as expected

We work with hardware and software solutions, iOT (internet of things), product licensing and BTP. We test early and often in the development process to ensure your product performs as expected every step of the way. We source components from global suppliers to ensure that the product design we propose is feasible and achievable.

Our agile and collaborative approach will ensure an efficient, seamless working relationship. We value our partnership with our clients and we are committed to ensuring they are happy with our project delivery.