Optimize Manufacturing Capabilities to Scale your Business

If your company does not have the manufacturing capability or purchasing power to achieve the economies of scale you need to lower your production cost, Avnan can provide the most suitable manufacturing partner to help you meet your markets’ needs.

Avnan can help you manage the complexities of the manufacturing process and unlock savings on manufacturing costs regardless of your company’s size. With in-field engineers, we will oversee the full manufacturing process on your behalf.

You can leverage our extensive global contacts to access the most cost effective and efficient manufacturing facilities in the world. In today’s market, you need every little bit of help to get that competitive edge.

Having the right partner can open doors to the right global opportunities that will help get your products delivered to market on time and on budget. As your manufacturing partner of record, we will provide the following services with our offshore partners:

  • Specifications review
  • Performance Testing
  • Quality Control
  • Manufacturing sourcing

Offshoring Manufacturing Statistics

0 %
of organizations outsource to reduce cost
0 %
of businesses have healthy and profitable partnerships with offshoring and outsourcing companies
0 %
of companies consider cost-reduction as the driving factor for seeking outsourcing solutions
0 %
of small businesses utilize outsourcing solutions to improve efficiency despite limited funding
0 %
of organizations with 50 or more employees outsource