Global Sourcing

Access to global markets for procurement maximizes profitability

If your company doesn’t have the network of global contacts or relationships to help you get the best suppliers or manufacturers, we can help you get access to global markets. With our global partnerships and boots-on-the-ground presence worldwide, we can source the most competitive prices on your components so you can maximize your profits. Avnan can source the suppliers to help you realize your product vision regardless of whether your company or Avnan designs your products.

To minimize costs, it is critical to source components from suppliers that have the most competitive prices. As a global electronics manufacturing company, we have access to an international network of component suppliers. We can source the components you need to build and assemble your product. Ensuring you have the best quality components at the lowest possible cost will help you deliver the most price competitive product in the market.

Types of product designs we can build and source include:

  • Firmware
  • Software
  • Electronics
  • Mechanical and electrical design

We will present you with a list of reliable partners we have experience working with. As your trusted partner, we will advise you on the quickest path to market and the most cost effective means. We take the pressure off you to manage the sourcing process so you can focus on what you do best.

Global Outsourcing (Facts)

Save 40 – 70% off your production costs mostly in labour and components when you source globally