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As an OEM, finding the right design and manufacturing partner to help bring your product to life is challenging. Technology is constantly changing, and this affects not only the HVAC industry but also your customers’ product expectations. The competitive HVAC market means you need a team of heating, ventilation and cooling experts in your corner.
That’s where Avnan comes in.

Your one stop HVAC partner

Range Hood:

• Capacitive touch controls
• LCD controls
• Motor controls
• LED driver controls


• Unit control boards
• Custom wall controls
• Custom wire harnesses
• Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RF controls
• Reference designs of CO2, humidity, temperature, CO and VOC sensor

Bath Fans:

• Humidity sensing control
• Power control boards
• Plastics and other electro-mechanical components

Electric/Gas Furnace:

• Heating elements
• Power and control boards (PCBAs)
• Wall control boards
• Custom wire harnesses
• Power cords
• Porcelain accessories
• Bacnet and Modbus communication capability

Wall Control Units:

• HVAC and ERV/HRV wall control
• Custom LCDs (VA, STN, TN)
• Conceptual plastic designs
• 3D modeling
• Onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability
• Wall mount timers


• Conformal coated control boards (PCBA)
• Metal steam tanks
• Heating elements

Here’s how we help.

Avnan is dedicated to developing innovative and customized HVAC electronic solutions that meet your needs. Our experts will work as an extension of your team to provide unparalleled manufacturing, supply chain and quality sourcing services.

Some key elements we focus on during the project include but are not limited to: design reviews, design validation, DFMEA & PFMEA, safety approvals and pre-production approvals.

supplier of electrical components

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