Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality:  How Avnan’s Electronics Help Everyone Breathe Easier

Indoor air quality (IAQ) has been a hot topic this year as homeowners, businesses, health care providers, and educators pay particular attention to making their buildings as clean as possible. COVID-19 has certainly raised the public’s level of awareness that HVAC systems should be configured to maximize air quality. However, the pandemic is not the only factor affecting demand for air purification equipment. Whether it’s wildfires in the west, restaurant kitchens, dental offices, or homes with smokers or asthmatic children, people are thinking about what can be done to remove indoor particulates, aerosols, contaminants, and odors. All of this is contributing to record demand for these devices.

Indoor Air Quality Matters – At Home and at Work

As employees return to their places of work, children go back to school, and all of us resume normal activities like shopping and getting haircuts, the need for clean indoor air becomes even more critical. And with flu season – and soon, winter – upon us and the threat of coronavirus and wildfires not yet behind us, the majority of us in North America will be spending even more time indoors. Pure, clean air in our indoor spaces will be one of the keys to keeping us all healthy and safe.

In fact, many are reluctant to return to work – or to school – due to the risks around COVID-19 spread. After all, we know that the virus spreads quickly, and that the droplets or aerosols that spread it remain in the air for hours. A solid return-to-work plan for employers should include assurance that the IAQ of any workspace is as high as it can possibly be, and that any air purification system in place is capable of capturing and destroying those aerosols.

While such stringent requirements may not be necessary at home, they will almost certainly make homeowners feel more secure. (The EPA provides a helpful guide to systems available for home use.)

There are various methods and technologies available to monitor and control IAQ. Air purification can be achieved by using devices fitted with HEPA filters, electronic ionizers, or UV lamps. These units can be portable, duct-mounted, or incorporated into large industrial HVAC systems.

Electronics and IAQ

Each approach has unique requirements, from an electronics standpoint. Power delivery and conversion is handled differently, depending on the technology. User and control interfaces vary from pushbuttons, to LCD’s, to wireless techniques such as WiFi and Bluetooth. These purification systems also need to be monitored so that maintenance activities, such as filter or UV bulb replacement, can be performed in a timely manner.

Avnan is uniquely positioned to support all aspects of the electronics within air purifiers. From power/control/display boards, to wall controls, to supporting devices (thermistors, wire harnesses, electrodes, relays, and switches), Avnan’s engineering and manufacturing expertise can help OEM’s get their products to market rapidly, and at high quality levels. Avnan’s international presence and flexible supply chain options means that we can help mitigate tariff concerns, shorten lead times, and reduce customer inventory levels.

If you’re an existing customer, your account manager will work with you to find ways to bring further value to the relationship. If you’ve never worked with us before, please visit our website to learn more about how we can solve your technical challenges, reduce your costs, and simplify your supply chain.

In these challenging times, let Avnan show you how we can make things easier for you, and safer for the world.


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