Contract Manufacturing

Optimize Manufacturing Capabilities to Scale your Business

With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing electronics, we have the expertise and best-in-class service that can help you with your manufacturing needs. With our global network of manufacturing facilities,  boots-on-the-ground presence and local knowledge, we can manage the complexities of the manufacturing process on your behalf and help you unlock savings on manufacturing costs. No matter the size of your company, we can optimize your production process to achieve economies of scale to help you reduce your costs.

Optimize Manufacturing Capabilities

Custom Manufacturing

If you need an end-to-end partner who can manage the full development cycle from concept to production release, we can customize a manufacturing plan to fit your needs, budget and timeline.

Contract Manufacturing

If you have your own design and need only a manufacturing partner to produce your product or its components cost effectively, we can provide you with contract manufacturing services. Avnan leverages its vast experience in global manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management to offer cost-effective solutions while minimizing risk of build-to-print projects.
Build To Print Manufacturing

As your manufacturing partner of record, we will
provide the following services

Design for Excellence Review (DFx)

Development of manufacturing process and fixtures

Test Plans & Custom Test Equipment

Quality Assurance

Our global facilities have the following capabilities

ISO9001 2015


Several SMT lines ROHS compliant

Several SMT lines, ROHS compliant



Auto Lead forming

Auto Lead forming

Automated Optical Inspection AOI

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Automated Solder Paste Inspection SPI

Automated Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)

X Ray


In Circuit Testing ICT

In Circuit Testing (ICT)

Functional Testing FCT

Functional Testing (FCT)

Aging Burn in

Aging (Burn-in)

BGA rework station

BGA rework station

Plastic Injection

Plastic Injection

Environment controlled storage for components

Environment controlled storage for components

Inventory Control FIFO

Inventory Control (FIFO)

Component validity control

Component validity control





Traceability – KANBAN FIFO Optical reading

Traceability – KANBAN / FIFO / Optical reading

Benefits of Working with our Manufacturing Experts


Reduced Costs

Access to competitive markets means better pricing and lower production costs



We have the capacity to accommodate your needs as you grow your business



We have a network of global facilities that allows us to fulfill your requirements while reducing your risk



Our knowledgeable team will ensure that we meet your expectations

Custom Solutions

SMT Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

Through-hole printed circuit board assemblies

Harnesses and Power Cords

Enclosure Assemblies

Wall Controls

Heating Elements

Manufacturing + Supply Chain + Logistics & Fulfillment + Inventory Management + End-to-End Lifecycle Management = A Winning Formula

Benefits of our Full Service Manufacturing Solution

Faster Time to Market

Our experienced logistics experts can help get your products to market faster so you can take advantage of being first to market

Free up Capital

We operate using best practices to maintain appropriate inventory levels so you can manage your cash flow better

Lower Costs

Access to global markets will allow you to benefit from more competitive pricing on components and manufacturing


From manufacturing to inventory management, we offer the flexibility to meet the variability of market demand

Reduced Risk

With our experience, we can reduce your overall risk by helping you avoid unnecessary costs and time delays due to misalignment, miscommunication or misunderstandings

Peace of Mind

Our knowledgeable team will ensure we eliminate any unexpected costs giving you peace-of-mind that your project is in good hands

If you’re looking for a manufacturing partner that will offer you cost effective solutions?