Proven Expertise Serving a Broad Spectrum of Industries from HVAC, IoT to Air Purification for both the Residential and Commercial Sectors

A Reliable Electronics Partner

As an OEM, finding the right design and manufacturing partner to help bring your product to life is challenging. Technology is constantly changing, and this affects every industry, particularly as digital transformation begins to impact products and services in almost every aspect of our lives.

The shift to smart products at home or in the office means that your customers’ product expectations are changing. They expect to unlock their luggage with a smartphone swipe, to preheat their ovens remotely before they leave the office, or to set their car to autopilot while they check email. Even items as mundane as trash bins and window shades have electronic components today!

Many brands and thousands of products require electronics components. Therefore OEM’s, need to source reliable electronics partners to stay ahead of the competition. That’s where Avnan comes in.

We have proven expertise serving various industries, including HVAC, heat pumps and air purification in the residential and commercial sectors. We offer engineering expertise here in North America with high-quality cost effective manufacturing facilities around the world.

Our Expertise

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Central Vacuum

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(including supply fan, elements, electric heating)

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Range Hoods & Bath Fans

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Air Purification

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Vertical Fan Coils

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Heat Pumps

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