Range Hood

    Range Hood Electronics

    Range hoods have come a long way since their invention in the 1930’s. They have evolved from simple switch-controlled fans to intelligent energy-efficient devices which serve a critical function in maintaining air quality in a kitchen/home.

    There’s more than just a fan in modern range hoods. Avnan designs and manufactures various types of PCBA’s within the unit’s enclosure, including the main control board inside and capacitive touch user interfaces for the front panel. On top of that are transformers, power cords and interconnecting wire harnesses, all of which are high quality parts developed for maximum reliability. This breadth of scope makes us a valuable one-stop shop for all your electronics, simplifying your Purchasing workload.

    Our products work seamlessly together with proven technology, with the goal of getting the end product to market quickly and giving the consumer the best possible user experience

    Custom Main Control PCBA

    Avnan has a long history of designing and manufacturing of control electronics for chimney and cabinet-style range hoods. Our main control PCBA’s use the latest microprocessor-based technology to allow for energy-efficient operation with a variety of exhaust motor technologies, including PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motors) and ECM (electrically commutated motors). These boards integrate sensing technology to maximize the extraction of moisture and VOC’s, preventing contaminants from being dispersed into the kitchen/home. The main control boards communicate seamlessly with the user-interface panels, supporting contact and contactless operation of the range hood.

    Avnan engineers are also experts at mapping out and developing the firmware that drives the operation of the product, freeing up the OEM’s Engineering team to focus on their core product design.

    Custom User Interface Assembly

    In addition to the main board inside the range hood, Avnan also offers several designs for the user interface. These designs can incorporate capacitive touch buttons with LED indicators or LCD’s with touch-screens. Avnan can customize the interface boards to give the OEM the look and feel that enhances their vision of the consumer’s experience.

    Range Hood Function and Features

    Depending on the intended market, Avnan can integrate several features into the control electronics for range hoods. With more and more appliances incorporating smart technology into their designs, Avnan is supporting this trend with circuity that can allow the range hood to be operated via Bluetooth, with IoT connectivity. Gesture sensors can be included to provide a totally touch-free product. Avnan has developed reliable, repeatable designs for fan speed control and LED lighting, which are basic to almost all modern range hoods. We also offer many sensors that can be monitored by our electronics, allowing the microprocessor to decide what the range hood should do when high temperature, humidity, CO2 and VOC levels are detected.

    Our proven circuit kernels help to cut down on design/qualification time for any new project. Talk to us about what features your customers need and we’ll implement them with ease.

    • Auto Transformer
    • Transformer and Power supply
    • PSC Motor
    • PSC Motor 2
    • MicroController
    • Lighting Driver
    • Communication
    • IoT Module
    • Antenna
    • Remote Control
    • MicroController
    • LED Indicators
    • Temperature Sensor 1
    • Gesture Sensor
    • IAQ Sensor
    If you are an OEM looking for innovative design solutions and cost effective manufacturing, we can help you.