Supply Chain

Creating an Efficient Supply Chain and Logistics Process

Our Supply Chain Management is integrated in a seamless manner with our Manufacturing Program for a turnkey experience. We leverage our supply chain and procurement experts to orchestrate the various activities in getting your product to market.

With access to global suppliers around the world, Avnan can source the most suitable and cost-effective components and manage the supply chain process from components to finished goods, helping to move the production process seamlessly while minimizing financial risk.

Our supply management solutions are designed to simplify your process so you can better manage your cash flow and focus on other areas of your business.
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Our Supply Chain Advantage

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Lean and Agile

Creating an efficient supply chain process with minimal waste and loss but with agility and flexibility to meet unexpected challenges.
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Integrating eco friendly practices throughout the supply chain lifecycle from sourcing to packaging to transportation.
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Adjusting supply chain processes to meet your growing needs.

Logistics and Fulfillment

Avnan will help you manage the multitude of activities involved in the manufacturing process including logistics and fulfillment. Our knowledge of importation taxes and logistics will help alleviate the challenges of getting your products to market.

We can manage the full end-to-end process of product manufacturing offering a seamless and quick to market approach.
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Our Logistics and Fulfillment Service



We can coordinate the transportation of your goods from our manufacturing facility to your business



We can store components needed for production allowing you to quickly meet the variability of demand


Importation Costs

Our knowledgeable experts can manage the import process and logistics to minimize potential delays

Inventory Management

As part of our 360 manufacturing service solution, we help you manage the inventory of your product to ensure you have the components you need to build your end products and fulfill market demand. Our supply chain team will provide the necessary recommendations on inventory levels of the products we help you build.

We ensure availability and accessibility of your components with proper forecasting while ensuring we maintain low cost storage fees.
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Our Inventory Management Service


Local Warehousing


Logistics Management


Purchase Order Optimization


Warehousing in North America


Inbound and outbound logistics management


Kanban and on-site consignment.

Find out how we can help add value to your supply chain workflow