Global Manufacturing

Optimize Manufacturing Capabilities to Scale your Business

If your company does not have the manufacturing capability or purchasing power to achieve the economies of scale you need to lower your production cost, Avnan can provide the most suitable manufacturing partners to help meet your needs and help you achieve a competitive pricing advantage.

Avnan can also help you manage the complexities of the manufacturing process and unlock savings on manufacturing costs regardless of your company’s size. Our extensive global manufacturing network is located in China, India, Vietnam and North America.

Avnan brings the globe to its customers by offering


A single, simplified source of communication and accountability

Deep, on-the-ground presence in lower cost manufacturing centers

Reduced tariff impact on the bottom line

As your manufacturing partner of record, we will provide the following services with our offshore partners:

Specifications Review

Performance Testing Framework

Quality Control Process


Benefits of our Global Manufacturing Service

Reduced costs that help you maximize your profits

Scalability that meets demand variability

Increased efficiency in meeting inventory turns

Offshoring Manufacturing Statistics

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