Supply Chain Management

Support to Simplify Your Inventory Logistics

Less Is More

Make your supply chain management less complex, less time-consuming, and less costly. Avnan can support single orders, or we can act as an extension of your procurement department.

Reduce Your Total Costs

…and ensure reliable delivery with our range of complete, customizable solutions:
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Avnan’s processes and supplier relationships are well developed. We know our partners well and work closely with them.

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Supplier best practices maintain components supply beyond request dates with limited liability.

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Our quality management leadership is based in Canada with offshore ‘boots on the ground.' We have team members in China and close partners in other global locations.

With Avnan’s Supply Chain Management Solution, you will –

  • Minimize wait times
  • Reduce oversupply and stock-out situations
  • Free up capital flow through lower inventories
  • Save time spent on calculating, producing and correcting purchase orders
  • Reduce warehousing costs and resources

Order Fulfillment

Take the stress out of order fulfillment by leaning on our flexible, customizable solutions. We’ll work with you however you need us to with the goal of making your job easier, more profitable, and worry-free.

Order to order – order your electrical parts as you need them, while we look after any required expediting services, freight forwarding and duty issues.

Supplier-Managed Inventory Programs (SMI) – we’ll manage your entire planning, procurement, warehousing and order fulfillment flow. We’ll even project your monthly forecast and ensure our warehouse stocks sufficient inventory.

Consignment – Arrange for Avnan to own the inventory pipeline within your warehouse, so you’ll always have quick access to the electrical parts, but will only be invoiced when you use them.

Your success is our priority, so let us know what works best for you. We’ll do our best to accommodate.

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