Water Source Heat Pump Control Demonstration

This simulation model demonstrates Avnan’s engineering capabilities and its potential to assist heat pump manufacturers in integrating a diagnostics system into their heat pump control firmware. This capability not only facilitates quick identification of potential system failures by technicians but also provides accurate data for improving future project designs.

Note that this demonstration is not a stand-alone application for heat pumps, but rather, it provides an example of a diagnostic tool that can be incorporated into the final product.
The computer model simulates a water source heat pump system highlighting its monitoring and diagnostics functionalities. Users can adjust certain inputs, like supply water temperature and water flow rate, while monitoring system behavior through outputs, such as refrigerant pressure (low and high sides), and supply air temperature, operating in cooling, heating, and ventilation modes.
Certain parameters can be logged and wirelessly transmitted via mobile apps, enabling remote access by field technicians. This facilitates real-time monitoring, accurate data retrieval and prompt response time to system anomalies or failures.
Examples of remotely logged data include
  • High Pressure alarms
  • Low Suction Alarms
  • Status of Thermostat Input
  • Mode of operation
  • Hours of cooling, heating, and ventilation
  • Hours of compressor time
  • Hours of fan time
Because the system typically has temperature sensors, and a microcontroller running, additional hardware requirements include:
  • Radio connection (either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi)
  • Extra program storage
  • Extra data storage
Adding these features to the system come with minimal additional cost compared to the substantial benefits they offer to the final product.
With its user-friendly, built-in software and seamless integration capabilities, both field technicians and installers will find this diagnostic feature easy to use and incorporate into existing systems.
Avnan can help you easily and efficiently design and integrate the diagnostic and monitoring capability into your current heat pump control system.