Avnan Announces New Mississauga Headquarters

Electronics Manufacturing and Supply Solution Provider Moves to Support Expanded Engineering Team

Avnan, the Ontario-based electronics manufacturing solution, today announced a move to new headquarters in Mississauga to provide additional space for its growing engineering team. The company, previously headquartered in Oakville, has settled into its offices at 2355 Royal Windsor Drive, Mississauga ON, just minutes from the QEW.

Avnan’s goal is to empower OEMs to fulfill their design, validation, and production needs quickly and cost-effectively, through a seamless, stress-free process. The company offers product support throughout the entire lifecycle, starting with expert design services through its growing engineering team, which is based in Ontario. Products are then manufactured at factories around the world, including locations in Canada, India, Vietnam and China. Production facilities are selected based on the customer’s needs, whether it’s access to resources, concerns about tariffs, or a need to diversify manufacturing locations.

The engineering team plays a critical role in the company’s success, so accommodating their growth spurred the company’s decision to move – but there were additional benefits.

“We’re really pleased with our new location,” says Avnan’s CEO, Anuj Jain. “Our engineering team has grown and expanded its capabilities, so it was important to provide them with a space that was more conducive to their unique needs for productivity. At the same time, it’s helpful for us to be in Mississauga, where so many multinational OEMs are based.”

While much of the Avnan team remains remote as the pandemic continues, team members are returning to the office as needed, and the new space accommodates these arrangements well. “Keeping our team safe has been our top priority over the last year-and-a-half,” says Allan Read, COO. “Everyone has been incredibly productive and collaborative while at home, but many of our employees are eager to return to the office. We’re happy to have a new and more convenient space for them, and we hope to have everyone back in-house as they feel ready.”

The new office address is:

2355 Royal Windsor Drive
Unit 12
Mississauga ON
L5J 4S8

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