Canada’s Avnan Celebrates 25 Years as Leading Manufacturing Solution

Small family business has matured to become a best-in-class electronics design and global manufacturing solution serving leading OEMs

Avnan, the electronics manufacturing solution, is celebrating its 25th year as a successful Canadian business. Headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, the company is focused on empowering original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to fulfill their design, validation and production needs quickly and cost-effectively through a seamless, stress-free process.

Founded in 1995, Avnan began as a family business and has evolved and grown dramatically over the last quarter-century. In its early days, Avnan Electro provided lines of central vacuum controls. Under the leadership of CEO Anuj Jain, a member of the founding family, the company expanded into a broad range of industries. Today Avnan supports well-known OEMs in design, manufacturing, and supply chain management for a full range of products including electronic controls, wire harnesses and other critical components. These components power the products relied upon daily by consumers across Canada and around the world – from HVAC and ERV/HRV to IoT and air purification.

Avnan offers product support throughout the entire lifecycle, starting with expert design services through its engineering team in Ontario. Products are then manufactured at factories around the world, including locations in Canada, India, Vietnam and China.  Production facilities are selected based on the customer’s needs, whether it’s access to resources, concerns about tariffs, or a need to diversify manufacturing locations.

Once the product has been manufactured, Avnan also handles fulfillment. Depending on customer needs, Avnan offers fulfillment on an order-to-order basis, via a supplier-managed inventory program, or on consignment. These customizable options help OEMs manage their costs and warehousing resources.

“Quality and customer service are always our priority,” says Jain. “At Avnan, we believe business leaders should focus on their customers, rather than constantly worrying about their supply chain. We provide the peace of mind that allows them to do just that by taking care of building or securing all the components needed from anywhere in the world, so that they don’t have to.”

In recognition of the 25th anniversary, the company has launched a new website and the video below.

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