CEO CFO Magazine Interviews Anuj Jain, CEO of Avnan

Avnan Helps OEMs Navigate Electronics Manufacturing Around the World, from End to End

On May 25, 2020, CEO Anuj Jain was interviewed by Lynn Fosse of CEOCFO Magazine. Here’s an excerpt from that interview.

CEOCFO: Mr. Jain, according to the Avnan website, you are electronic experts and are committed to your customers’ success. What is the focus of Avnan today?

Mr. Jain: Our goal at Avnan is to help North American manufacturers become more competitive in the global market space. We support their technology and design efforts here in Canada, and then have the manufacturing done overseas in China, India, Vietnam and other regions, which brings value for our local manufacturers.Anuj Jain Headshot

By manufacturing abroad, we’re able to help our customers find tremendous savings without sacrificing quality. Our partners in India, for example, have a highly skilled and highly educated workforce. The price may be slightly higher than manufacturing in China, but the quality is excellent, and the work isn’t subject to tariffs, which is important for our US customers. For our customers that manufacture in China, they have peace of mind knowing that we have “boots on the ground” – actual team members – in China who are available for quality checks or any other services they might require while their project is underway.

Meanwhile, we have a dedicated and talented design and engineering team here in Canada, so we can collaborate closely with our North American customers during the early stages of their project.

CEOCFO: Who are your typical customers?

Mr. Jain: Most of our customers are manufacturers in North America with under $100 million in revenue. They have an electronics spend, although electronics isn’t their primary focus since they don’t have an in-house team. Many clients are in the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) market. We have a special expertise in supporting this industry, really improving indoor air quality – although we work with customers across many other industries, as well.

CEOCFO: Is there much innovation in the industry or is it more tweaks along the way?

Mr. Jain: There is quite a bit of innovation happening now, especially looking at the IoT (Internet of Things). We’re seeing a lot more opportunity to optimize the equipment to work together and even to be a little bit more intelligent, which is part of that ‘Smart Home’ concept. The other side of innovation is more focused on the supply chain.

Many companies don’t realize how much help they actually need if they’re sourcing overseas. In this day and age, everything is coming from Asia in terms of electronics. It’s been said that China is the center of the electronics supply chain. All the components are manufactured there, and many companies underestimate the necessary attention to the details and challenges that come with manufacturing electronics. For this aspect of the business, innovation is more in the service and the way we market.

Read the full interview on the CEOCFO Magazine website.

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