Coronavirus Update: Avnan Business Continuity

After declaring a state of emergency last week, this Monday, the Ontario government announced new measures by ordering non-essential workplaces to close their offices to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Even with our management staff working from home, Avnan maintains a 100 percent operational status among our teams in both Canada and China. We are endeavouring to do our part to keep the economy going in these challenging times. Our third-party logistics/warehouse site will remain in operation to receive incoming goods and to ship products to our customers that are unaffected by government-mandated shutdowns.

However, as mentioned in our previous communications, we are facing challenges in the supply chain such as price increases in some components and limitations in air cargo capacity. We encourage our customers to plan accordingly and stay in contact with us.

For those customers that haven’t already done so, we urge you to notify us of your operational status now. We will make the necessary adjustments to our logistics to accommodate your situation.

Avnan continues to operate fluidly.  We have been working tirelessly to successfully maintain our employees’ health and safety. Additionally, we have remained in constant communication with our critical partners in all sectors of the supply chain in order to keep our customers informed and fulfill their needs.

We invite you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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